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Mega-Tech 2014 Product Catalog
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Our Mini-Catalog is a quick reference of the Public Safety Equipment we offer. If you want more information on something or you don't see what you're looking for give us a call!

NEW: Apple iPad Docking Station

The Havis Docking System for the Apple iPad brings you the best computing solution for all your business needs. Designed with versatility in mind, Havis mounting options allow for tablet docking and usage in any work environment.

This complete docking system includes a durable protective case that, once placed in the docking station, offers tablet charging and security in office, medical, enterprise, and in-vehicle workplaces.

  • DS-APP-102 - Docking Station for Apple iPad within a Havis Protective Case
  • DS-DA-702 - Protective Case for Apple iPad 4
  • PKG-DS-APP-112 - Docking Station and Protective Case Package for iPad 4
  • PKG-DS-APP-122 - Docking Station and Protective Case Package for iPad Air

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NEWS: Stalker Laser

To Our Valued Customers,

As most of you are now aware, Mega-Tech has now added the Stalker Laser to our product line. Our decision to add the Stalker Laser to complement our existing Stalker Radar line, means we are no longer able to offer the LTI line of products.

Mega-Tech’s strengthened relationship with Stalker will allow for substantial cost savings to our clients, offering a superior product with many unique features and greater in house service options.

Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or find additional information at and now on facebook.

We look forward to meeting with you to demonstrate this new unit at your convenience.

R.B (Bob) Lindsay

NEWS: Speeder caught with Stalker DSR 2X
St. Albert man clocked going 264 KPH on his motorcycle fined $2,500

Stalker DSR 2X Radar

On Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 the Edmonton Sun details a local speeder was charged and convicted of excessive speeding by an officer using a Stalker DSR 2X Radar.

Read the full story here!

Stalker XS & XLR LIDAR
Stalker’s new XS and XLR LIDAR. Small size. Big Performance.

Stalker XLR Lidar

Superior Range and Accuracy
The X-Series Long Range (XLR) is the best choice for targets as far as 4,000 feet away, while the X-Series Standard (XS) is ideal for metropolitan and suburban departments.

Fastest Acquisition Time
Acquisition time is under 0.4 second with solid tracking and the industries longest range.

Small and Lightweight
The Stalker LIDAR XLR and XS are the smallest and lightest hand-held gun-type lasers on the market today. At a mere 2.3 lbs. including removable/rechargeable battery handle, the X-Series may be light, but it's no lightweight.

Removable High Capacity Battery Handle
The new snap-in Li-Ion battery handle provides ample power to last two or more shifts. Plus, the battery can be expected to last through more than 350 charging cycles.

Ergonomic Design
The forward sweeping battery handle provides an ergonomic grip angle that makes shooting the X-Series comfortable and accurate.

Now Available! Click here for full product details!

Panasonic Toughpad G1
Introducing a Fully Ruggized Windows™ 8 (or 7) Pro Tablet Computer

Fighting for space in your service vehicle to fit a computer? Introducing the Panasonic Toughbook™ branded Toughpad Tablet computer.

Run all your department's standard Windows™ applications on a powerful self-contained 10.1" touchscreen tablet.

Now Available! Click here for full product details!

Panasonic Toughbook
Mega-Tech becomes an authorized Panasonic Toughbook Distributer

Important Announcement!

Mega-Tech is pleased to announce that we are
an official Panasonic Toughbook dealer!

The Panasonic Toughbook brand has a long-standing reputation as being the de-facto standard for ruggedized laptops in the public safety industry. With Mega-Tech being heavily entrenched in the same industry, the partnership between Panasonic and Mega-Tech is a natural one.

This partnership allows Mega-Tech to bring you ruggedized computer products such as the fully rugged CF31, CF19 and H2 tablet computers, to the semi-rugged CF53 laptops.

Contact one of our sales representatives for more information!

Whelen Legacy Series
All DUO+™ Super-led® WeCAN® lightbar

Whelen Legacy Lightbar

Now Available! Click here for full product details!

Whelen Product Guides
All new Whelen Police Lighting Package guides available for Ford Interceptor, Dodge Charger, Chevy Tahoe and Caprice!

All new Whelen Police Lighting Package guides available for Ford Interceptor, Dodge Charger, Chevy Tahoe and Caprice!

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