Stalker X-Series LIDAR (Laser Radar)
Stalker leads the industry again with the X-Series LIDAR!

Laser Video/Photo Enforcement System

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Distinctive Features

  • SMALLEST and LIGHTEST hand-held LIDAR (gun type) on the market today
  • Super-fast acquisition time
  • Industry leading range and accuracy
  • Removable, high capacity Li-Ion rechargeable battery handle
  • Ergonomic waterproof design
  • Speed and distance in Heads-Up Display

Additional Product Information

Superior Range and Accuracy
The X-Series Long Range (XLR) is the best choice for targets as far as 4,000 feet away, while the X-Series Standard (XS) is ideal for metropolitan and suburban departments.

Fastest Acquisition Time
Acquisition time is under 0.4 second with solid tracking and the industries longest range.

Small and Lightweight
The Stalker LIDAR XLR and XS are the smallest and lightest hand-held gun-type lasers on the market today. At a mere 2.3 lbs. including removable/rechargeable battery handle, the X-Series may be light, but it's no lightweight.

Removable High Capacity Battery Handle
The new snap-in Li-Ion battery handle provides ample power to last two or more shifts. Plus, the battery can be expected to last through more than 350 charging cycles.

Ergonomic Design
The forward sweeping battery handle provides an ergonomic grip angle that makes shooting the X-Series comfortable and accurate.

Doppler-type Audio Tracking
Variable audio tone corresponding to target speed, much like a radar's Doppler tone which many officers are already familiar. There is no tone when no target is being tracked, while tone repetition increases as the beam moves into the target and return signal quality increases.


Dimensions: 8.9" Height, 4.7" Length, 4.7" Width (22.6 cm Height, 11.3 cm Length, 11.3 cm Width)
Weight: Including Battery Handle - 2.3 lbs (1.04 kg)
Housing: High Impact Resistant polymer housing
Environmental: -22° to +140° F, operating -40° to +185° F, non-operating
Humidity Protection: +99° F, 90% Relative Humidity
Battery Life: Typically 350 - 400+ charge cycles
Battery Charge: Li-ion battery: Approx. 2 - 3 shifts
Type Handheld LIDAR offering Tracking mode, Single-Shot mode, and Time/Distance mode.
Acquisition Time: Less than .4 second
Nominal Range : XLR LIDAR
Minimum - Range mode <10 feet (<3m) - Speed mode 45 feet (113.7 m)
Normal = 2500 feet (762 m) approaching targets
Maximum >4000 feet (1200 m)

Minimum - Range mode <10 feet (<3m) - Speed mode 45 feet (113.7 m)
Maximum 2000 feet (610 m)
Range Accuracy: Less than 1 ft., typical +6"(0.15 m)
Speed Measure: 1 mph to 299 mph (2 km/h to 481 km/h, 2 knots to 344 knots)
Speed Accuracy: ±1 mph (±1 km/h, ±1 knots)
Time/Dist. trigger mode: Separate trigger depressions when target enters and exits speed zone.
Remote Trigger: Remote trigger signal available through I/O Port.
Target Speed Tone: Variable audio tone corresponding to target speed
Target Return Tone: No tone when beam is off target; tone repetition increases as beam moves into target and return signal quality increases.
Switching Output: I/O Port signal for operation of external devices (e.g. a camera). Toggles when speed exceeds speed signal setting. (special order only)
Operating Wavelength: 905 10 nm Peak @ 25° C
Eye Safety: FDA/CDRH CLASS 1M Laser Device (Eyesafe)
Power Output: 50 uW maximum average power
(385 nJ maximum pulse energy)
(meets FSA/CDRH regulations)
Pulse Width: < 30 nsec.
Beam Divergence: < 3 mrad FWHM.
3 feet x 3 feet @1000 feet (.9 m x .9 m @ 304.8 m)