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SpeedAlert 18 and SpeedAlert 24

Radar Speed & Messaging Display Sign


You'll get better results because you'll use it more often, in more places.

  • Compact: Built for portability and ease of installation, the sign can be mounted and removed in seconds. An available padded case makes moving it even easier.
  • Flexibility: Permanent or portable, it mounts almost anywhere and accommodates almost any power source so a single sign can be used to address a wide range of situations.
  • Simplicity: Easily manage equipment with onboard buttons, the ATS Mobile Android App or SmartApps Web-Based Services.
  • Traffic Data: Generate easy-to-understand and easy-to-act-on reports to help you identify where problems really exist and document your success in resolving them. Our stealth mode can even help you collect baseline data, unaffected by an active speed display.
  • Pictures: An unobtrusive, internal camera allows you to capture daytime awareness images for additional insights.
  • SmartApps Web Based Services: All of our speed display signs and variable message signs can be accessed, monitored and controlled via our SmartApps Web-Based Services. We monitor the sign's performance during the warranty period to ensure you have the most reliable sign available.


Outfit your unit with these optional features, all included with the SmartApp Service

  • Connected Product: All units have the capability to take advantage of SmartApps Web Based Services as shipped. For more information on the Smart Apps Traffic Suite, see the SmartApps page.
  • GPS: Using SmartApps and the internal GPS, verify the unit is deployed at the intended location, and track the unit in the case of theft.
  • Traffic Data: Collect volume and speed data for all traffic passing the sign. Use to confirm speeding problem areas and prioritize enforcement. Collect data automatically with SmartApps, or with Bluetooth and USB connections.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth connectivity allows for connections to the ATS Mobile Android App and PCs to make setting changes and collect data. With the ATS Mobile Android App, ATS hosts your data and provides access to it over the internet for free.
  • Violator Alert: Catch the attention of violators with the bright, flashing strobe light that increases sign effectiveness on the highest risk violators.
  • Pictures: Take daytime awareness images of high speed violators, congestion, and vandals tampering with the sign, plus awareness images at set time intervals.