Mobile-Vision BodyVision XV

HD Body-Worn Camera

Product Description

An Officer’s job is hard enough and too often the accounts of what actually happened differ between the officer and the civilian. But while testimony may be flawed, video is still rock solid. Introducing BodyVISION XV, the body-worn camera that provides an unbiased eye to protect officers and citizens alike.

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Product Features

  • 9 Hours of HD Recording
  • Mute Option on Body Camera Unit
  • Quick & Easy Downloads
  • Event Marking on Body Camera With Snapshots Option
  • Multiple Device Upload

More Than Just A Body Camera

Our 110° field of a view provides the ability to capture and view video as the officer sees it firsthand. In just 2 steps, you can dock and charge in one fluid step.

Total Data Control

L3 Mobile-Vision offers software options that allows you to easily search video by date, car, and officer; make video back-ups, manage and maintain chain of custody tracking, do case searches and much more.

Video Data Security

Tamper-resistant controls are in place in this body camera to prevent data from being retrieved by unauthorized individuals thereby assisting in chain-of-custody control.

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