Whelen 4 Inch Round Series

Whelen 4 Inch Round Series

Product Description

Heavy-duty 4” round PAR32 surface mount, wide angle LEDs with redesigned spreader optic lenses fill the lighthead evenly with light. Rivaling strobe in intensity but with all the advantages of LEDs, these lightheads provide added light intensity with two LINZ6™ type reflectors per unit! Single or split color capability makes these rugged lights even more versatile. Driving/fog light with a warning light override is ideal on motorcycles, police vehicles, and for other heavy-duty applications.

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Product Features

  • 4” Round extended lens lighthead has two LINZ6 type reflectors.
  • Available in four safety colors.
  • Single and split color capable.
  • Interleaved lightheads offer two colors in a single lighthead with White light in driving light mode and warning mode offered in single color or split colors.
  • Multiple Scan-Lock™ flash patterns including steady-burn.
  • Synchronize flash pattern for simultaneous or alternating pattern with other Whelen synchronizable products.
  • Clear shatter resistant extended lens for maximum light output.
  • 6” pigtail connectors, standard.
  • Rugged LEDs draw low current and provide long life reliability.
  • Fog light models fits Dodge Durango, Chevy Tahoe, and Ford Expedition.
  • Five year HDP® Heavy-Duty
  • Professional warranty.

Flat Lens Features

  • Heavy-duty surface mount Super-LED with adapter for PAR-36 applications.
  • 18 Scan-Lock flash patterns each with Phase 1 and Phase 2 and steady-burn with synchronize feature (for simultaneous or alternating flashing lights).

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