Whelen HHS Series

HHS 3200 & 4200 Siren Controllers

Product Description

Whelen’s innovative HHS Series features standard switching and a completely redesigned molded amplifier housing, providing excellent durability. Various control heads are compatible with the HHS Series. Completely configurable by the user, these control heads are ergonomically designed for situational awareness of the officer.

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Product Features

  • Meets Class A requirements of SAE, AMECA, KKK1822, and California Title XIII when paired with one Whelen 100 watt speaker
  • Windows based programming software for full customization and configuration
  • Three control heads available
  • Two year warranty

Amplifier Module

  • Durable Black molded housing
  • Wail, Yelp, Piercer, Manual Siren, and Airhorn tones are preset standard
  • 37 total tones, including mechanical tones and California Yelp
  • Includes 20’ interconnect cable
  • External spade-type fuses
  • Size: 7.46” (18.95cm) H, 8.49” (21.56cm) W, 2.35” (5.97cm) D


  • Eight 10 amp relay outputs and one 15 amp relay output
  • Compatible with low current or high current products, or any light with a built-in flasher
  • Operates one or two 100 watt speakers


  • Eight 10 amp relay outputs and one 15 amp relay output
  • Includes WeCan® port that supports the Inner Edge® FST™ and RST™ Series, WeCan lightbars, or WeCan external amplifier
  • Operates one or two 100 watt speakers

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