Stalker DSR Radar

Highly accurate and effective Direction Sensing Radar

Product Description

By displaying both strongest and faster targets simultaneously, the Stalker DSR can monitor faster vehicles passing larger vehicles and display the speed of both targets.

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Product Features

Same Lane Problems Eliminated

Many conventional radars force the operator to visually estimate and manually input faster or slower targets each time in order to calculate readings. The DSR automates the procedure, making same lane operation as accurate and simple to use as opposite mode operation.


The operator can DISPLAY or LOCK:

  1. Strong targets
  2. Fast targets

While in:

  1. Same lane mode
  2. Opposite lane mode
  3. Stationary mode

True Doppler Audio

The audio Doppler tone in opposite-lane operation is generated from the target’s actual speed (not closure speed) so the tone always correlates directly to the target’s speed – regardless of patrol speed.

Vehicle Speed Sensing (VSS) Operation Is Standard

Connecting the radar to power and VSS has never been simpler. Plug the Stalker CAN/VSS cable into the car’s OBD II diagnostic port located under the dash on the driver’s side, and you’re done. No cables to splice, wire harnesses to find, just simple plug-n-play.

Provides Voice Verification of the Antenna, Radar Mode, and Direction

Whenever a target is locked, the Stalker DSR audibly tells the operator WHICH antenna is in use (front or rear), what MODE the radar is operating in (moving or stationary), and the DIRECTION (opposite or same direction) the vehicle is traveling. This added step assists the operator in ensuring accuracy every time.

Track-Thru Lock, With 3 Window Multi-Colored LEDs

The Stalker DSR allows tracking both patrol speed and target speeds after lock using three colors (amber, red, and green) to differentiate between the strongest, faster and patrol speeds.

Small Counting Unit with Detachable Display

The display / counting unit is compact enough to be mounted almost anywhere. It measures a mere 5.5” wide x 4.25” deep and only 1.75” tall. Moreover, the display / counting unit can easily be separated and be mounted independently and connected with an optional cable. The display alone is only 1.125” deep.

Serial Port

The serial RS-232 port can interface with most video cameras, computers, remote readouts, printers, etc. The Stalker DSR interfaces with the 54Ward and Rockwell-Collins integrated car systems.

Dramatically Simplifies Moving “Same-Lane” Operation While Automatically Ensuring Accuracy

With direction sensing antennas, the Stalker DSR is able to automatically determine if same-direction vehicles are closing or going away from the radar. This allows the DSR to automatically measure same-direction traffic speeds as simply and accurately as it does with opposite-direction traffic. No longer does the operator need to tell the radar if same-direction traffic is faster or slower than the patrol vehicle. The Stalker DSR makes same-direction operation simple, accurate, automatic and allows the operator to lock same direction targets.

A Giant Leap in the Effectiveness of Stationary Operation

The direction sensing ability of the Stalker DSR allows the operator to select a specific direction of traffic to monitor. The DSR can measure closing targets while automatically ignoring vehicles that are going away–even if the target moving away is closer than a distant closing target.

Imagine the typical situation where you wish to measure closing vehicles at a lengthy distance on a two-lane road. Just when a distant car enters the picture, a truck passes by your location heading away from you (and towards the approaching car). A conventional radar would display the truck’s speed until it is out of the area–and you could not measure the closing car’s speed. The DSR is able to completely ignore the truck because it is traveling away from the radar, thereby being able to clock the closing vehicle–even though it is still distant.

The Stalker DSR makes stationary operation very useful and highly effective in all locations.

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