Product Support

Professional installation is only the first step in getting your equipment operational. Your support team needs to be as dedicated as you are. We provide technical support services ranging from initial setup and configuration of equipment, to telephone support, to onsite diagnostics. Should you need an ongoing service package, we can tailor one to your specific needs and those of your department. We are committed to the success of your project, large or small. When you need to call for backup, call us.

Technical Repairs

Once your equipment is up and running, it needs to stay that way. Every Mega-Tech location has a fully equipped repair center and trained repair technicians. We understand the importance of getting your equipment back into service as soon as possible, so we keep a good supply of repair parts on hand at all times. We regularly repair and recertify radar and laser for police services across the country. We even repair our competitor’s products. If your equipment is causing a problem for you or your department, call us first.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction, and we constantly work hard to realize that goal.

Service Request Form

Please note: All shipments must include a completed service request form or they may be returned collect to the sender.